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Caroline Flack is the 2014 Strictly Come Dancing Champion!

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Big Tops & Big Scores Strictly Come Dancing quarter finals!

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ooooooooo. Sorry, that was just the end of me still booing Craig for giving Jake a five last week. What the deuces?? I very much hope we won’t be seeing any more of the additional professional dancers littering up the stage this week.

At best they’re distracting – having to keep up with with ONE pro every week must be pressure enough for the rookie dancer celebs – and at worst, they’re hazardous, as they were for Jake and Janette last week.


Jackhammer Jake & Mark Gets Tango-ed! Party Time at Strictly Come Dancing!

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So it was “Aw, goodbye Judy” and “Urg, see ya later Anton” last week. Lovely as Judy seemed, she did sort of have to go.

I know that every single year Bruce and Tess have been all like “We’ve never seen dancing of this standard! This is the best year EVER!” etc, but the quality of dancing this year really is ridiculously high.

Even if, like ‘Donny 10s’, ‘Blackpool 10s’ are given away quite fecklessly, it’s still very unusual for dancers – like Mark and Karen last week – to dance brilliantly, get 9s and then still end up in the bottom half of the leaderboard.


Tens all round! The judges break out the big scores for Blackpool Strictly Come Dancing!

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Everyone’s headed to the Tower this week for Strictly Come Dancing, apart from poor Alison and Aljaz. They’ll definitely be missed, it’s a shame to see someone go who clearly loved the world of Strictly so much.

Speaking of absences, it’s sad to see Claudia still not back. I hope her daughter is recovering speedily from what sounds like a nightmarish accident.


Fruity Headgear and Fiery Footwork in Strictly Come Dancing Week Five

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I’m aware that this is more exciting for me than anyone else reading, but this time next week I will be in the Strictly Come Dancing audience – for my absolute favourite, Halloween week!

Unless I’m the victim of a very elaborate trick or treat stunt, in which case this time next week I will be going Michael Myers on someone’s arse! Keep your eyes peeled for me though – I’ll be the one giving a standing ovation if Brendan’s trousers give out again and looking at Pixie with distain. Or maybe I’ll be enchanted by her in the flesh – who knows?


Crocodile Tears And A Total Eclipse Of The Heart; emotions run high at SCD

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Before we start, can we have a respectful moment of silence for all the dances featuring Tristan’s delightful hairy chest that we will now never get to watch.

A rug-ged rhumba, a fur-bulous foxtrot, who knows what we would have seen from the man who rejected wax, to the max. That’s a pretty good slogan actually. If he comes back next year I might have some t-shirts printed.

Thank goodness there’s no Donny this week, he was a judge too far for my liking. More sparkles tonight please, less smarm.


Lights, camera, action – Strictly Come Dancing goes to the Movies!

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Ooh, I love Strictly Come Dancing movie week! Only topped by Halloween week, and possibly Blackpool week, but I do love it! I wish they did more routines based around the films I liked; maybe a Nightmare on Elm Street themed paso, or a Shining samba, instead of Dirty bloody Dancing or Ti-bloody-tannic, but that’s my only gripe.

Now that Gregg’s gone we’ll be missing out on an Edward Gropey-hands tribute, but I’m excited to see what the others have to offer.

First we get to meet tonight’s special guest judge, acclaimed movie (?) and dance (?) expert Donny Osmond. Ah, a singing expert and Dancing With the Stars veteran. Not a wig expert though, is he? That thing on his head is less convincing than when Bruno gets his words muddled up and ‘accidentally’ swears.

Anyway, first up…


The 9s are out already in Strictly Come Dancing week 2!

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I’m sure there are 15 very nervous celebs waiting in the wings for this evening’s Strictly to get underway – but will nerves get the better of them as they face – eeek! – the phone vote for the first time? They may be dreading it, but I can’t wait. So, let’s meet…the stars of our show!

Well, the first star is poor old Tess’s very sparkly shoe! Every time anyone descends the SCD stairs of doom I hold my breathe a little bit because I know, without a doubt, I would be hurtling down those bloody things face first if I went within a metre of them, so thank goodness she only lost her footing, not her dignity!

Thom & Iveta

Thom and Iveta week 2

I must be in a good mood this evening because Thom strikes me as endearing, rather than annoying (although it still tickled me when he droned “Tonight is the salsa, so I can really let loose” in a tone only slightly less loose than the vest he’s wearing for this evening’s performance). It’s sad he feels disappointed with his waltz from last week, I thought he was very debonair.

He throws himself into the salsa with some hip action that is a wonder to behold. However, he makes a bit of a boo boo with one of the tricky turns quite early on and from then on starts concentrating so hard that his face doesn’t really shout ‘party time’. Unless it was one of Gregg’s swingers parties, then your face would totally look like that. For a horrible second at the beginning of the lift it went a bit wobbly and I thought we might see poor Iveta hurtling to the ground, but he’s a strapping lad and it ended up very impressive.

I imagine it’s a tough call for a rugby lad to throw himself so wholeheartedly into a hip-shaking number like this, so kudos to him on that score. The judges don’t love it, but I think this pair will be safe this week.

5, 7, 7, 6 – 25


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