Video: Final rehearsals and nerves for the final at Blackpool!

Those three finalists must be feeling so nervous; they’ve got to perform 4 dances in tomorrow’s final. Let’s have a last look at their training and what’s been going on in Blackpool.

Final training

Blackpool nerves

  • Beverlyclayton

    Strictly is a brilliant brilliant great all round for everybody show. I enjoy every minute of the show. I just hope that the show is genuine and it is not in anyway fixed. I hope the persons who dances the best dances tonight WIN.  PLEASE DONT meddle with votes PLEASE NO FIXING OF VOTES LET THE SHOW BE GENUINE. Lets all see a great final and brilliant dancing and may the best true better dancer win. PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL THE SHOW LET IT BE HONEST AND TRUE. They can all dance, let the true best dancer win. I love the show and I would love to get the chance to learn to dance, if there was every a chance of joining a show for top fans please count me in. Beverley Clayton, Suffolk.

  • Beverlyclayton

    Fantastic show, never miss it. The three finalist can all dance but please do not fix any of the votes. PLEASE LET THE BEST COUPLE WIN. LET THE SHOW BE FAIR. Beverley Clayton From Suffolk.

  • Gracef6

    Come on chelsea and pasha
    Come on aliona and Harry
    Come on kristina and Jason
    Make the best couple win
    They are all absolutely fantastic!

  • anoldie

    thought harrys band showed bad manners pouring onto the floor,craig showed himself as a tightwad as it was already being touted in papers “harrys favourite” did he have to put chelsee down left a nasty taste in the mouth.Plus after trying to get through to vote for her for over 30 minutes time was up several nieghbours on our sheltered housing scheme had the same problem,what was going on ! and no I am not saying harry did’nt deserve to win just we old ones like fair play,and being denied the chance to vote did’nt seem like it.