Abbey and Aljaz are crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champions 2013! Yes!

Abbey and Aljaz champions 2013 Strictly Come Dancing

Abbey Clancy and Aljaz Skorjanec have been crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champions 2013!


My favourites from the start have won and I couldn’t be happier. The right couple won on the night but I have to say I wasn’t completely sure they were going to win. I thought that Natalie really performed on the night with flawless dancing.

The final started off with a glitzy bang as the four female celebrities ascended from the rafters dressed to kill in red. There was a real sense in the air that the winner was not totally decided, even though we were led to believe that Susanna and Kevin from Grimsby had it in the bag.

Finalists 2013 Strictly Come Dancing

All four couples danced the judges choice,then the showdance, then one was knocked out and then the couples’ choice for the final dance.

Susanna and Kevin

Susanna and Kevin quickstep final Strictly Come Dancing

Favourite to win Susanna and Kevin opened the show with their Fred and Ginge inspired Quickstep to ‘Good Morning’. Susanna botched this one up a few weeks ago so she was keen to perfect it the second time round….and she did. Aside from her crazy facial expressions, she danced amazingly. The competition is on.

Craig 8, Darcey 9, Len 10, Bruno 10 = 37/40

Abbey and Aljaz

Abbey and Aljaz waltz final Strictly Come Dancing

Their waltz was just mesmerising and brought a tear (tears???) to my eyes. My heart was pounding and I was on the edge of my seat. ABBEY TO WIN I cried! A perfect score from the judges!

Craig 10, Darcey 10, Len 10, Bruno 10 = 40/40


Natalie and Artem

 Natalie and Artem cha cha fina Strictly Come Dancing

Hmmm next up was Natalie and Artem dancing their cha cha from week 1. I really didn’t like this dance, didn’t like the music and can’t stand her annoying facial expressions! Not a good start.

Craig 9, Darcey 10, Len 10, Bruno 10 = 39/40

Sophie and Brendan

Sophie and Brendan Viennese waltz final Strictly Come Dancing

Last up with the judges choice of dance was Sophie and Brendan dancing their musicals week Viennese Waltz. I loved this the first time around and I loved it this time. Soph always brings a unique style to whatever dance she does.

Craig 9, Darcey 10, Len 10, Bruno 10 = 39/40

Onto the Showdances. So much rests on giving the audience a good showdance – it can make or break you chances of winning that glitterball trophy. I don’t think we need mention the word puppet. Nuff said.

Susanna and Kevin

Susanna and Kevin showdance Strictly Come Dancing

Style: Slow, ballroom type dance to ‘Your Song’.

I see what they were trying to do. Understated, classy, elegant, neck swinging. But no, not a showdance for me. I think she lost the trophy riiiight there.

Abbey and Aljaz

Abbey and Aljaz showdance Strictly Come Dancing

Style: All guns blazing, rocky Paso/Tango type thing to Guns ‘N Roses Sweet Child O Mine.

This girl can do no wrong in my eyes and I really enjoyed her showdance. She looked incredible and really gave it everything. Still not the best showdance I’ve ever seen though! See I’m not totally biased!

Natalie and Artem

Natalie and Artem showwdance Strictly Come Dancing

Style: Tappy, old school with pole dancing to Steppin’ Out with my Baby.

Wow. Really enjoyed this dance. Her tap is amazing and you’ve got to love a bit of pole dancing on a Saturday night.

Sophie and Brendan

Sophie and Brendan showdance Strictly Come Dancing

Style: Cha Cha fun to I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston

Again, Sophie brings her own style to the dancefloor. Great lifts, lots of fun!

Four become three

Sophie and Brenda fourth Strictly Come Dancing

Sophie Ellis-Bextor came in fourth place – ahh well done Sophie. I always thought her and Brendan would be the first to go. She’s been a fun and amazing contestant this year.

Now to the sharp end of the Strictly Come Dancing final!

The three remaining couples had one last chance to make us pick up the phone and vote for them – by dancing their favourite dance of the season.

Let’s go!

Susanna and Kevin

Susanna and Kevin paso final aStrictly Come Dancing

Ah the Paso Doble with Susanna looking foxy in red and Kevin from Grimsby with eyeliner – YES. This was one of my favourite dances of theirs and a great choice for their last dance. It was amazing!

Abbey and Aljaz

Abbey and Aljaz quickstep final Strictly Come Dancing

A quickstep to Walking on Sunshine – hmm not my favourite dance of theirs – I would have chosen soemthing more dark and suspenful. It was still great though. Have they done enough to win!? (Yes obvs).

Natalie and Artem

Natalie and Artem American Smooth final Strictly Come Dancing

Ah ah ahhmazing American Smooth from Nartem – flawless, perfect. They really have been great throughout the competition, but she just hasn’t connected with the audience.

So after all that Abbey and Aljaz were announced as winners of Strictly Come Dancing 2013! Totally deserved, brilliant!

Abbey and Aljaz Strictly Come Dancing Champions 2013

Abbey and Aljaz Champions 2013 Strictly Come Dancing

Listen to me talking about the final and Abbey winning on BBC Radio 5 Live – 12 minutes 50 seconds in!

  • Pam Rhodes

    Natalie and Artem were fantastic. I loved every dance -mesmerising choreography. Thank you for an amazing series!

  • joy howe

    To be honest i was sure Natalie would win, she is i think an amazing dancer and worthy of winning, sadly something was lacking from her and every time i watched her dance i found her irritating, sorry!! Perhaps i cannot get corri! Out of my head? Oh dear

  • Jan

    Yet again the petty British public have got it wrong. Natalie and Artem won it by a mile. Abi should stop doing that stupid noise and hair waving every time she sees a camera.

  • Jacky

    My vote was for Artem and Natalie, but then I usually vote for the best dancer. However, as previous years have shown, the best dancer rarely wins. I think Aljaz and Abi were acceptable winners and the only reasonable choice if it was not to be Artem and Natalie