Shock Exit as Ben and Kristina are voted out of Strictly Come Dancing!

Ben and Mark in dance off Strictly Come Dancing

Ben Cohen and Kristina Rihanoff have been voted out of Strictly Come Dancing is a shock dance-off result.

I’m not saying Ben is the best dancer of the pack – but to be saved over Mark and Iveta; I have to say I am really surprised!

Both couples performed their routines again in the dreaded dance-off; Mark and Iveta did their Foxtrot to ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ by Michael Buble, and Ben and Kristina performed their Charleston to ‘No Diggity’ by Minimatic.

After both couples had danced a second time, the judges delivered their verdicts with Craig saving Mark and Iveta, Darcey saving Ben and Kristina and Bruno choosing to save Mark and Iveta. It was then down to Len as Head Judge to cast the final decision and he chose to save Mark and Iveta, making it a staggering three times the couple have made it through to dance another week.

Giving his reasons, Len said: “The thing was they both went wrong, for me one couple made a small mistake and the others made two blatant mistakes and on that basis and on this performance I have to save Mark & Iveta.”

Ben and Krstina out week 9 Strictly Come Dancing

Looking back at his time on the show, Ben said: “It’s been a great experience and Kristina has been great. I said I was on borrowed time for a while and it has been an amazing experience – when would I get to dress like this every day, wear all the lycra and maybe not a top! The support has been amazing and I’ve had a great time but now I can dance at my kid’s parties. Kristina has been great, I have thrown her around a little bit, I’ve thrown her into walls, dropped her a few times and she has been great – thanks ever so much for putting up with me!”

A tearful Kristina added: “If there was a trophy for the most improved person it would go to you. You started at zero and have improved every week and you make me so proud every week and I’ve had the best, most rewarding time on Strictly. I took someone with no experience and I brought you here and you were amazing.”

  • wendyb

    Wtf I love mark but really!

    • Joan

      I was disgusted, what a joke, Len said he loved Mark on Len’s Lens, and he proved it with his biased voting, Mark is entertaining, but this is about dancing isn’t it, and Ben danced, Darcy covered her face when Ben was voted off, WHY?? she voted for Mark, do not understand where they were

  • A.J.

    What has happened to Darcy, Len and Bruno This year? Only Craig seems to be judging in a professional manner.

  • unfair


  • Mavis

    Mark is not a good dancer I think the judges have list the plot. Come on get a grip

  • pam rhodes

    I feel very sorry about Ben and Kristina leaving. They have been such a breath of fresh air t o watch and such lovely people.

  • Karen

    I agree I cannot believe the comments from the judges and their support for Mark – he is clearly the weakest now and should not still be in in the show. Gone is the time for sentimental voting what we want to see is those who are dancing!!

  • les

    What is wrong with those judges, it is so wrong and unfair. I am pretty disgusted really.

  • Brian

    So DISGUSTED, have now sent three e-mails. MARK! (No Disrespect) Flatfooted, Little Rhythm..better than Fiona? JOKE. NOW Ben (Who has continued to improve). Every week Craig has rightly been booed for being too harsh, and yet, he has been the only one to choose the better dancer, in the dance-off. DO I DETECT A ‘LEAVE A LOSER IN TO SAVE A POSSIBLE WINNER?’. If that is the case, I now understand why the likes of Zoe B & Gabby L got voted off by the Judges in favour of the opposite. Having always respected LG’S view, I am beginning to wonder about his motives.

  • Tom

    Really don’t understand the decision and struggled to see the the blatant mistakes the judges were talking about in Bens dance but how is this the criteria for the decision anyway? It’s like an Olympic diver climbing into the pool (‘well done – you hit every rung and made no mistakes there’) verses Tom Daly from the high board doing 10 triple back summersaults whilst cooking a fry up mid air and then getting the feedback ‘the landing was a bit splashy and whilst you kept the food dry the bacon is a bit overcooked.’ Silly decision.

  • Robert

    Perhaps we should not blame the judges for the fiasco on Sunday night, they cannot be that silly. It is probably to fulfil BBC policy that despite being a dancing contest they require it to be “a variety act show”.